8 Valentine’s Day Recipes to Fall In Love With

Love is in the air. Or maybe it’s the food.

It’s that time of year! As we tee up to celebrate the season of love – here’s a collection of fun and flavorful Valentine’s Day recipes to wow your significant other. From decadent desserts, savory soups, or sweet breakfast in bed ideas, this list will help satisfy any appetite.

1. Chickpea Chocolate Chip Pancakes w/ Banana Nutella Sauce

We’re starting things off as sweet as they come. This breakfast extravaganza includes chickpea flour pancakes stuffed with chocolate chips, coated in a warm banana and Nutella topping sauce to satisfy sweet tooths and empty stomachs alike. Recipe

2. Savory French Toast w/ cheese sauce

Not a fan of sweet breakfast treats? Neither am I. This is why I made a savory French Toast recipe. This version is stuffed with shredded Parmesan and soaked in an herby buttery egg batter, before being pan-fried and covered in a melted Parmesan & herb cheese sauce. It’s the perfect way to start a Valentine’s Day morning. Recipe

3. Be Mine Beet Hummus

Both beautiful to look at and to indulge in, the Be Mine Beet Hummus is light, healthy, and heart-shaped! What more could you ask for? Made with Oven-roasted beet to give it that vibrant rosy-red & valentine’s day pinkish hues, this recipe is loaded with flavors, like a duo of chopped mint and lemon that, along with the earthy tones of oven-roasted beet, bring about something reminiscent of a refreshing gin-inspired cocktail. Recipe

4. French Onion Soup

Keep the winter weather at bay with my favorite soup recipe. This is a classic French Onion soup, loaded with caramelized onions, melted cheese, and soggy, beef broth soaked breadcrumbs to warm both heart and soul. Recipe

5. Cheese & Pepper Pasta

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that impress. Like this bowl of cheese and pepper pasta. It’s coated in an Asiago and Parmesan cheese sauce and graciously topped with heaps of fresh cracked black pepper. Recipe

6. Steak Tacos w/ Pineapple

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with dreams of warmer weather and summer flavor. Here’s a savory meets taco recipe that pairs seasoned thick cuts of steak with sautéd pineapples. Recipe

7. Sour Cherry Galette

Dessert time! Here’s a poor man’s pie Galette. The thing I love about Galette is that it requires none of the delicateness or patience typically required for baking. Just throw this together and call it rustic. This Galette incorporates tart cherries, along with almond and vanilla to add a little crunch and extra flavor. Recipe

8. Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries

If the Galette somehow sounded too complicated, then it gets even easier with these babies. All you need is some milk chocolate chips and raspberries. Stuff them together, then gently heat them up in the oven for the perfect chocolate and fruit combo. Recipe

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