Boxcar Benny Review: Pat O’Malley’s Jet Room

It’s been a while since my last eggs benny. But the search continues.

Steak and eggs benny

In the ongoing quest to find the very best, I ended up at Pat O’Malley’s Jet Room in a hungover state from a night of debauchery. Because I believe that’s the way to truly get the most out of your benedict. That’s when you are really craving a whole heap of breakfast that only a benedict can satisfy.

And boy does the Jet Room have what you need. They have a long list of eggs benedict to choose from. It made it difficult. But I went all in and opted for their house special, a tenderloin steak benedict.

Here’s how it stacks up to the rest.


Hollandaise: 4/5

The hollandaise was impressive. It was no fuss or anything fancy, but a real highlight of how good a classic hollandaise sauce can be. Just a spoonful or two more would have made this perfect!

Eggs: 4/5

Again, just good perfectly poached eggs that sliced open easily with a gentle nudge of a fork, emitting their golden, sunshiney goodness.

Meat: 3/5

Steak! A good steak is great. And this was a solid breakfast cut. But you know what? It’s too much. A hearty hunk of steak just doesn’t pair well with an already insanely rich dish. There’s a reason for tradition I guess. Still, it was fun to try and if you are in a steak mood, give it a go. I just found it to be too much breakfast.

Muffin: 4/5

Another beautiful example of simplicity. The English muffin was just that, a toasted English muffin. It wasn’t too toasted or too un-toasted. It had crispy edged with a pillowy soft inside to nestle the eggs.

Side: 2/5

Things were going so well! But I guess a side doesn’t really make or break an eggs benny. The hash browns were essentially the same as Ore-Ida frozen style hash browns. Not a bad breakfast side by any means, but with a big steak breakfast, a few slices of hearty American fries might have made more sense.

Overall: 17/25

Overall an impressive and satisfying eggs benny that holds its own among others on our list. I feel like with the number of different styles the Jet Room offers (plus the really cool venue watching planes land and take off), another hangover brunch is in order soon.

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