Left Hand Brewing Nitro Pack

4 incredibly smooth Nitros from Left Hand Brewing.  

Normally when I think of nitros, I think of stouts. But Left Hand, one the premier pioneers in nitro technology, shows that a good nitro can go beyond a stout. In their pack, they offer the flagship milk stout, along with three other incredibly creative and tasty nitro beers. 

So in honor of the velvety smooth nitro style, I sat down, slammed all four, and wrote a shitty poem about nitro beers.  

Milk Stout Nitro – 6.0%  

“Experience America’s Stout. Milk Stout Nitro is a full sensory experience. Gaze at the mesmerizing cascade of all those tiny Nitro bubbles. Breathe in the aromas of roasted coffee, milk chocolate, brown sugar and vanilla cream. Savor the super smooth Nitro sensation. And, smile as the perfectly pillowy head coats your upper lip. This portable draft beer experience is Good to Go straight from the can or served Like a Pro in a glass. From the bottle, Pour Hard to release the Nitro magic inside.”  

It’s like drinking silk sheets. The milk stout has classic notes of coffee, vanilla, chocolate, and toffee, with hints of roasted malts and a sweet, creamy, base. And, side note, this beer is great for making  beer braised pulled pork.  

Flamingo Dreams – 4.7% – American Blonde Ale 

“You stand out in a crowd and only need one leg to find balance. You’re not afraid to get your feet wet and you don’t give a flock what others think. You embrace your inner flamingo and dare to turn your dreams into reality. You’re ready for pink beer. Flamingo Dreams is a refreshing change from the ordinary with a berry burst, frisky zing and a Nitro glide that’ll bring out your vibrant side. Join the flock and let’s flamingle.” 

Ohhhhhhhhhh. This is like drinking cake. An incredibly smooth, velvety cake. It has dominant berry flavor, with hints of strawberry and cherry tartness, that pair perfectly with the pale malts, and caramel, biscuity vanilla flavor. If I had to sum it up simply, Flamingo Dreams is the essence of strawberry and cream. 

Sawtooth Nitro – 5.3% – Amber Ale  

“Don’t call it a comeback, this beer’s been here for years. Sawtooth Nitro returns to the stage in cans. Sessionable and ready to set to repeat, we mixed our American-style amber with nitrogen. This award-winning beer is now even smoother and cued up to tickle your ivories. Nutty malt flavors rap melodiously with herbal, earthy hops in perfect pitch with your palate. One-hit wonders move over. Sawtooth Nitro continues to stand the test of time.” 

Of all the nitros in the pack, this might have been the hardest sell. While the smoothy texture and creaminess lends itself better to the flavor profiles of stouts or fruit beers, it takes a while to get used to it with hoppy bitter beers. But once you adapt to it, it’s not bad, especially when the bready, caramel malts come through, which sawtooth definitely has in spades. The beer can best be described as a floral, herbal hopped bitterness that flows into a background of malty, rich biscuit and bready notes.  

Hardwired Nitro – 6.0% – Coffee Porter  

“This Nitro coffee porter melds notes of caramelized sugar, cacao and hints of blueberry that lead to a light, roasty finish.” 

The Hardwired Nitro is a silky smooth porter with dominant notes of Bitter black, like folgers bitter black, coffee. But beyond that coffee you can catch a bit of cocoa sweetness, along with whips of smokieness. The result is a perfect beer for coffee lovers.  


‘I was searching for something smoother  
After years of reckless lows 
racing manic highs 

Chasing manic highs  
Wishing for a slow song 
Motown slow  

Moving slow  
Watching her sway, hips like waves  
and her coffee stout hair  
coffee stouts at the café  
but you were there 
you were there.’  

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