Nashville Heat Benedict

Oh. My. God.

Between a pandemic and having a baby, it’s been a while since we’ve had the luxury of eating out. But let’s hope that changes in 2023 because this eggs benny restored my faith in food, brunch, and all things good in the world.

This paragon of breakfast food was found at the newly opened Golden Nest Pancakes & Cafe in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, a beautiful brunch place that serves up AMAZING meals and brunch cocktails (mimosa flight anyone??)

 The benny menu here is no joke. Just take a look at the various interpretations they have on eggs benedict.

But I had my sites set on the Nashville Heat Benedict, a beautiful and wholly original concept that I just had to try, and am eternally grateful I did.

The Nashville Heat highlights the best parts of the bird, featuring, “poached eggs, Fried Chicken Filet dipped in Nashville sauce on Flakey Buttermilk Biscuits topped with creamy Hollandaise.”

The description alone just doesn’t do this culinary miracle justice. So I will try my best to explain the mouthwatering magic that is this meal in fine detail.

Hollandaise: 4/5

A mix of hollandaise and hot sauce, which works perfectly. The heat from the hot sauce pairs nicely with the lemon zest of hollandaise. The hollandaise itself is a luxuriously rich and creamy sauce, and the only thing I wish the dish had done better was just commit to the hot sauce concept all the way – creating a full fiery red peppery hollandaise.

Eggs: 5/5

I think this might be the most beautifully poached egg I’ve ever laid eyes on. A life-changing experience. Cutting it open revealed the mana of heaven as the golden yolk gushed out. It was like looking into the eye of god.

Meat: 5/5

What a concept. A nice hot chicken tender takes the whole brunch experience to the next level as I reveled in enjoying the chicken at every life stage from egg to filet. The chicken itself was perfect. A nice kick of spice with a crispy coated chicken crust covering a juicy chicken tender. It makes me want to go back and try their Nashville chicken sandwich for lunch.

Muffin: 5/5

The bun, albeit subtle, was also perfect for the hot chicken concept. It was your classic southern-style biscuit and made just right. A toasty exterior with a cloud-like fluffy interior to soak up all that runny egg goodness.

Side: 4.5/5

The sides? Also outstanding. A batch of wonderfully roasted, herb-seasoned potatoes. Fresh cut and not frozen.

Overall: 23.5 / 25

Well, would you look at that? In our first eggs benedict review in over a year and we stumbled upon what now currently ranks as the BEST eggs benedict I’ve ever had the pleasure of dining on. It steals the throne from our former champion, the Sweet & Salty Pig’s Southwestern Benny which scored at 22.5.

To put it simply, this dish is outstanding. A real culinary treasure. A masterpiece. God bless.