New York Eggs Benny

An egg benny straight out of the big apple.

a new york eggs benny

During a work trip to NYC, I tried an eggs benedict to see how it holds up to the mighty Midwest and our culinary tradition of everything in excess.

We stopped at a little diner in Manhattan, the New York Hollywood Diner, which the name alone made no sense, but hey it’s New York. Nothing makes sense there.

Anyway, the benedict held its own. It hit all the marks of a classic. But there was no spark. No standout. Here’s how it ranked.

Eggs: 5/5

Starting off on the right foot here huh? The eggs were poached perfectly, like little pockets of white clouds that held a sunshine yolk interior. It was like a summer day summed up with an egg.

Meat: 1/5

This is where things started to take a turn. The ham was a stringy, chewy breakfast ham that tasted like it went straight from a freezer to fryer.

Hollandaise: 2/5

Hollandaise is hard to make. And so it’s no surprise here that it wasn’t ideal. It was way too lemony, more like a mayo/lemonade hybrid than real hollandaise dumped at room temperature over the eggs.

Biscuit: 2/5

Burnt, rock hard tack. Basically what a 17th century sailor ate on their way from Europe to the Americas.

Side: 3/5

An American fries/hash brown hybrid. What it lacked in seasoning was made up for in greasy goodness.

Overall: 13/25

This New York Eggs Benedict will be memorable for one reason. It tied the Great Dane as the lowest scoring eggs benny I’ve tried so far.

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