beer cheese

Spicy White Cheddar Beer Cheese Soup

Does beer cheese soup really need any sort of explanation? In honor of National Soup Month, I’ve decided to experiment with my favorite soup. It led to this. A smoky & spicy white cheddar beer cheese soup, served up with a homemade garlic pretzel. What better way to cut through the cold spell we’ve been

Cabbage Rolls

The woman who introduced me to cabbage rolls may be gone (RIP), but my love for all things cabbage shall never die. It’s time for another winter warmer recipe. And it’s fitting considering the week of wisco cold we just had, with the only highs being beer and cabbage rolls. Ready to warm up? Or impress


Quick Berry Crumble

The best way to beat those winter blues? Try something warm, cinnamony, and sweet. While this recipe isn’t really a classic crumble (it’s not a crumble at all really, I’m sorry I lied. I just felt like the name really rolled off the tongue so it stuck. Say it. Quick Berry Crumble. See? ) it’s lot quicker to make than


12 Pack Attack! Schlafly Hop Trial

I recently spent a weekend down in the boonies around St. Louis for a wedding. During my little adventure I had the luxury of visiting St. Louis proper and stopping at a few breweries. One of the better ones happened to be Schlafy. And it was here where my eye beheld the Hop Trial Smash


Cheesy Chorizo and Egg Oatmeal

As a kid, breakfast was sweet. Literally. Like you might as well just eat a spoonful of sugar sweet. And I went on living my life blindly believing in this false axiom. That breakfast – whether a sugary cereal or carbs coated in sticky syrup – was typically sweet, only occasionally savory. That is until I