Summer Dish: Empanadas & Chipotle Cream Cheese sauce

Now that the brief 8 weeks of Wisconsin summer are upon us, I thought it would be a good time to start rolling out some of my favorite summer dishes.  I love this recipe. It’s light (assuming you don’t eat all the empanadas at once). It goes great with Tequila. And they are cheap and easy

White Wino Fondue

I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t like fondue. And I hope I never do. Cause that would be depressing. 

Imperfect Crackers

I think the best thing about crackers is that there are so many different kinds. We’re talking shapes, sizes, flavors, you name it. They can be as bold or plain as you like. Though never the star of a snack or meal, the best crackers are the ones that tie it all together.  Much like pretzels,

pretzel sticks

Pretzel Sticks

 My Wisconsin is showing. I mean pretzels are great, but this became a full blown thing after moving here. Look at a menu, see pretzel sticks with an alluring accompaniment of mustard and cheeses. No brainer. I just gotta have it. Unfortunately, I took my addiction home. And to quell it, I decided to learn about the (fun) way to

Sausage, Cabbage and Mash

Told you there would be more cabbage. This dish happened by accident. The very existence is a testament to this blog. I was scrounging around for food one day and had only a few things left in my fridge. A half head of cabbage, a few red potatoes, and leftover summer sausage.  That desperation led to this dish.

Fried Garlic Cloves

If I’ve learned anything from Wisconsin, it’s that they love to fry things. Think of this as the weird cousin to the cheese curd. I mean you fry anything and it’s gonna taste good, right? I was actually surprised with how this turned out. I never knew this was a thing until I was watching