SIP Eggs Benedict

After a killer 4th of July hangover, I got some much-needed eggs benny in Chicago.

Eggs benedict with truffle sauce

SIP’s Black Peppercorn Mortadella Eggs Benny did egg-xactly (kill me) what a good eggs benny should. It was a delicious, savory breakfast that soaks up all the depravity from the night prior.

Let’s run through the numbers and see how it stacks up to rest.

 Hollandaise: 5/5

The rich, flavorful earthiness of truffle pairs perfectly with an already decadent hollandaise. Seriously, hollandaise and truffle simply makes sense, it’s one of those timeless pairings like PB&J’s or Kristin and Jake. I wish more restaurants made this kinda effort.

Eggs: 5/5

Another perfect score here. The egg is perfectly poached, salted, and bursting with the golden sunshine nectar of the gods.

Meat: 5/5

Oh boy. Mortadella – which reminds me a bit like baloney but x100 times better– is another perfect addition to the dish. It’s salty, well-seasoned, and seared to perfection.

Muffin: 3/5

Here is where things start to fall off. While overall it was an average English muffin, it felt bland in a comparison to the rest of the dish so far. I mean, maybe tweaking it to use a olive stuff biscuit or some herb butter to spice it up would have gone a long way.

Side: 1/5

Hey. If you look at it this way, the eggs benny itself was damn near perfect. The side of breakfast potatoes felt cold, soggy, and generally lacking in anything but water soaked soggy potato-ness.

Overall: 19/25

Despite the score on the side of potatoes, this was all around near perfection. And at 19, I believe it now holds the coveted title of 2nd Best Eggs Benedict, just a mere 1 point behind Bob’s Badass Eggs Benedict @ Baldwin Street Grille in Madison, and a half a point ahead of Next Door Brewing’s Eggs Benedict.

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