Boxcar Benny Review: Oliver’s Public House Eggs Benedict

I made a stop at Oliver’s Public House to see how their Benny compares to the others.

close up of eggs benny

Their eggs benedict was simple enough. The menu description reads “house-made English muffin, house ham, poached egg served with a chive hollandaise.”

a drink at brunch time.
Side note: Their drinks are a perfect way to start the day. 5/7

eggs benny menu from olivers

The atmosphere at this place was great. A really cool neighborhood restaurant/bar. But what about the Benny? Let’s break it down.

Hollandaise: 2.5/5

Despite throwing in the word chive in the description, it was a pretty standard hollandaise. Nothing really struck me good or bad about it. But one thing that I did not was that they weren’t terribly generous with it. I want a benny to be drowning in hollandaise. This dish could have used another hearty spoonful or two.

Eggs: 3/5

I don’t know if they were a bit overdone or had been left sitting for a while, but boy were they unenthusiastic eggs. There wasn’t that initial burst of yolk when you cut into them.

a dish of eggs benedict otherwise known as eggs benny

Meat: 2/5

This was another missed opportunity. The ham was thinly sliced, like cold cuts from a lunchbox. No nice, hearty slice of pig. No mouthwatering sear. Just deli meat.

Muffin: 4/5

The house made muffin was a bright spot here. It was well buttered, fluffy, and delicious. It was a perfect sponge for, unfortunately, what little hollandaise and yolk there was.

Side: 3/5

They didn’t skimp on the side. I got roasted potatoes and a side salad. The potatoes tasted like your premade frozen variety kind. But the salad was a nice, refreshing pairing with the eggs benedict.

Overhead picture of eggs benedict

Overall: 14.5 / 25

If you are craving eggs benedict, then Oliver’s is a decent enough place for a fix. But if you are craving the Best Eggs Benedict in the World, you best keep moving.

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