Boxcar Benny Review: The Creamery

An eggs benedict to wrap up Labor Day Weekend.  

The town drunk eggs benny

After a weekend in wine country up in door county, we stopped the Creamery Cafe in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to brunch and binge on mimosas and eggs benny. Here’s how the menu reads for the aptly named Town Drunk:

Eggs Benny menu

Where did it end up on our running list to find the best eggs benedict in the history of hangovers? Let’s take a look.  

Hollandaise: 4/5  

The hollandaise nailed it and the addition of the onion/bacon jam really spiced things up. It had hints of savory bacon paired with brown sugar and a nice peppery kick. And the hollandaise itself? Man oh man, a savory beer cheese hollandaise. What’s not to love? My hangover greatly appreciated the cheesy gooey goodness.  

Eggs: 3/5 

Two nice large eggs, poached to perfection, where you get a semi-solid yolk and burst of liquid gold. The only knock was that the eggs came out a bit cold.  

Meat: 2/5 

An eggs benny really needs a hearty cut of breakfast ham or similar seared meat. And all we got was one stringy piece of bacon. Disappointing, but at least the onion bacon jam helped make up for the lack of meat.  

Muffin: 2/5 

I appreciate the healthy aspect of using whole wheat English Muffin, but it seemed a bit off. The muffin itself wasn’t well toasted and came out too soft – I mean we’re talking like not even toasted at all.  

And the whole wheat itself was just a dry, chewy experience. Again, maybe if it was toasted? But even from the picture, you can see it’s just a slice of bread. It needs that crispy crunch to bring the experience together!

Side: 4/5  

The sides? Damn near perfect. Except they were ala carte and cost extra. But the baby reds were like breakfast French fries, a crispy savory side that helped soak up all the booze from the night before.  

Overall: 15/25 

A 15. Not bad, leaving this benny in the middle of the pack, a half a point ahead of Oliver’s Public House and just behind the Eggsclusive Butcher Benedict, which scored a 16.5.