Dogfish Head Off-Center Your Summer Pack

Dogfish head released their Off-Center Summer pack, which just might be the best summer variety pack so far this year.

dogfish head variety pack

It’s filled summertime flavor, with their SeaQuench Ale, 60 Minute IPA, Lupu-Luau and Namaste White. And to make things even better, the pack comes with a free koozy and comes in a waterproof box, making it a portable 12 pack cooler that’s ideal for a backyard bbq or a day trip at the beach.

SeaQuench – 4.9%  – Gose

Now that Sierra Nevada changed their Otra Vez recipe, SeaQuench is my go-to gose. It’s perfectly tart, with hints of salt and spiced peppercorn that’s balanced by a nice light malt sweetness.

‘Electric sunsets over the sea
salted sand worn skin relaxing breeze

Holding hands on the beach
the ocean kisses at our feet.’

60 Minute IPA – 6.00% – IPA

“Brewed using a boatload of intense Northwest hops, we boil this continually hopped IPA for a full 60 minutes, adding more than 60 hop additions continuously to create a bold and timeless flavor. Continually hopped to deliver a pungently, citrusy, grassy hop flavor without being crushingly bitter, 60 Minute IPA is a surprisingly sessionable IPA for the craft enthusiast.”

The 60 Minute is full of that old-school, classic IPA flavor. The stuff that made the original IPAs favorite. It has hints of citrus, pine, and sticky resin, with a rich caramel malt background.

‘Don’t wish away your youth
make 60 minutes

a lifetime
goes too
breath slow
listen to the woods whisper
pine sap, floral hops, the sun’s secrets shine through

Lupa-Luau – 7.3% – IPA

“We started with a combination of Pils malt with flaked barley, rolled oats, and malted and raw wheat to get it all hazy. Then we introduced coconuts three ways by adding toasted coconut, dehydrated coconut water and an experimental hop variety that provides a unique coconut & woody aroma. The result? A lupulin-loaded, coconut-centric ale. Our Lupu-Luau IPA!”

All that coconut sure shines through here. You get a lot of it, in a lot of different ways. The beer is really smooth and light, almost creamy. There are strong notes of coconut flavor that fluctuates between sweet creamy coconut and toasted nutty coconut. On top that, there’s a nice bitter flavor of floral hops that balance the sweetness.

‘Her heartbeats Pacific
smooth, cadenced
slow songs
mine rages Atlantic
wild violent

Namaste White – 4.8% –  Witbier

“With notes of clove and subtle coriander, you’ll find flavors of citrus and sweet malt, with a slightly spicy finish for a zesty mouthfeel.”

This witbier is loaded with citrus and spice. The bitter orange rind citrus is noticeable right away. Then the beer hits you with a refreshing kick of spice from the coriander and clove. The peppery spices are mellowed by a nice straw, grassy hop flavor. This beer would make a great dinner beer, as the complex orange spice combo would go great with a well-seasoned dish.

‘city lights and eternal twilight colors linger on the rooftop restaurant
good food aromatic atmosphere,
good friends, even better beer
city songs, the cool notes float
this haunted heaven we stay
praying tomorrow is forever away.’

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