Fried Garlic Cloves

If I’ve learned anything from Wisconsin, it’s that they love to fry things. Think of this as the weird cousin to the cheese curd. I mean you fry anything and it’s gonna taste good, right? I was actually surprised with how this turned out.
This is all you'll need.
This is all you’ll need.

I never knew this was a thing until I was watching a show that featured a restaurant in San Francisco that had every menu item revolve around garlic, and they put deep fried garlic cloves on their sandwiches. Knowing I wouldn’t be in San Francisco anytime soon, I figured why not try these myself? I’m glad I did. Well at first. Afterwards I smelled like garlic for days. 

I didn’t use that many cloves just because I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. Any basic frying knowledge is all you really need. I used a Hot and Spicy chicken breading to give some flavor other than, well, garlic?


  • ~ 15 cloves of garlic
  • 1 Egg
  • Frying/breading mix
  • Canola oil
  • Flour


  • 1. Peel the garlic cloves
  • 2. Soak in cold water
  • 3. Heat ~ 4 cups canola oil in pot
  • 4. Beat egg and get bowls of flour and mix ready
  • 5. Once oil is hot enough, take cloves and coat in flour, then egg, then frying mix
  • 6. Toss in oil
  • 7. Let them fry for a couple minutes, until skin is crispy and brown
  • 8. Repeat until you run out of cloves

I ate these plain, kinda like a cheese curd but I’m sure there are interesting ways to pair them. I imagine they would be great additions to a sandwich, a burger, or hell even a salad.

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