SN Beer Camp around the World 12 Pack Poems

12 Beers From Around the World.

a box of sierra nevada beer
A globe trotting adventure in a box.


2017’s Beer Camp included a globe trotting collection of 12 different beers, aiming higher compared to last year’s 6 regional American beers. Still I love the concept, the collaboration, and I’m excited to see what 2018 brings. But now, let’s get to the slurred word poems that these international beers inspired.

The Bruery – Raspberry Sundae – 8% – Blonde Ale

When you hear something like raspberry sundae, you think more of a sweet milk stout. But lo and behold this was not so. What you get is a nice blonde ale, with sweet notes of vanilla and cocoa. The raspberry is very, very subtle. It’s a creamy, frothy ale with more spice notes than sweet fruit.

dent sundae
sipper sweet vanilla
subtle raspberry day dream ice
cream beer.’

Mikkeller Brewery – Thai Style Iced Tea – 7.2% – Spiced Ale

It’s interesting. You can taste the strong notes of black tea along with the citrus and spice notes of clove and coriander. It’s a light, easy to drink beer. And refreshing. Which are all things that seem odd to say for a beer at over 7%.

‘Thai style
my style, easy
summer sipping perfect
lowkey backyard bbq kind
of beer.’

Surly Brewing – Ginger Lager – 6.2% – Spiced Lager

You can smell and taste that ginger. And on top of that, you get a kick from the heat of cayenne. It’s not overbearing, and it somehow all comes together to make a great beer I didn’t think I was going to enjoy. It’s a weirdly delicious lager, just not something I could see myself drinking a six pack of.

‘oo ee
ginger baby
and a cayenne kick to
the face, surely Surly knows how
to do.’

Saint Arnold Brewing – Dry-hopped Berliner-Style Weisse – 4.2%
– Berliner-Style Weisse

It’s the lowest ABV beer here and one of my favorites so far. Sour & salty, with tart tangy flavors of lemon. It’s got a subtle malt background, with some lemongrass and hints of spice. It’s beautiful.

‘If I
had a choice
of beer or water, while
stranded in a desert, I’d choose
this beer.’

Kiuchi Brewery – White IPA with Yuzu – 7.0% –  IPA

Floral and citrus. But not your normal citrus, more like a mandarin orange flavor. Which is paired with some mellow spices and a welcome bitterness.

citrus spiced
and white, tastes like heaven
tropic paradise island pale
ale awe.’



My top 3 of the 12.

Ayinger Brewery – Dunkle Weisse – 5.7% – Dunkle Weisse

A creamy caramel malt flavor, with subtle fruits, mainly banana. Which goes great with the clove spice.

‘Wheat hills
where thunder rolls
in summertime, dunkle
weisse waters feed the thirsty earthy

Fullers Brewery – Atlantic Style Vintage Ale – 8.5% – Ale

A hearty beer. It has rich plum and spice flavor, that mellow out into a carmely sweet and hearty malty finish.

makes a full beer
plum bastard baby could
warm any Atlantic weary

Garage Project – Campout Porter – 7.7%  –  Porter

Tastes like a campfire, that’s for sure. Dominant smokey, charred malts. It’s balanced with some sweet, creamy vanilla notes. I have a hunch it would pair perfectly with a s’more.

songs around the
campfire, screaming songs wild
at the top of our lungs, cold beer
in hand.’

Duvel Moortgat – Hoppy Belgian Style Golden Ale – 8.0% – Golden Ale

It is what it says, a bitter hoppy Belgian. In addition to some floral hop bitterness, you get that bubblegum taste of the Belgian. There’s a hint of lemon tartness and then more hops.

‘Bright light
golden fine shine
birds singing soft spring songs
I’m in heaven sipping on a

Avery Brewing – Dry-hopped Brandywine Style Ale – 9.4% – Brandywine

What a beast. It’s malt heavy, rich and caramelly. You get some sweet syrupy notes of toffee and spice. With a nice bitterness at the end.

wine baby star-
-ry eyed baby, this beer
sparks wreckless wildfire abandon

Boneyard Beer – West Coast Style DIPA – 8.3% – DIPA

Taste like the tropics. It’s a fruit forward beer with flavors of mango, melon, and pineapple. Other notes included, a piney earthiness, a stick, slight resin taste, and floral hops. A great take on the west coast style.

on great golden
oceans, paradise found
in a 16 ounce can of hope
and heaven.’

Treehouse Brewing – East Meets West IPA – 7.0% – IPA

Sweet malt meets juicy citrus hops. It has some notes of pine and floral hops. Yet it has such a mild bitterness to it. Leans more toward the west coast style though.

‘I’m just
another mid-
-western boy who dreams of
something beyond endless fields of
dead corn.’

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