Roasted Red Grapes

Ready to take grapes to a weird and delicious new level? If you haven’t oven roasted grapes before, now is the time to start. For those who like the bland and the boring, keep at it. But for the bold and the brave – take note. While the idea of throwing some grapes in the oven might not

Chili Spiced Candied Pineapples

Here is a perfectly odd – yet somehow delicious summer recipe. It pairs great with any Mexican or other spicy food. Take a leap of faith and try it. It’s another quick recipe that is hard to get wrong. I actually went into this with the idea of kind of sauteing them on the skillet

Popcorn and Wine: BBQ Popcorn & Chillable Red

This is probably my most creative, albeit difficult, (though rewarding) cooking endeavor. It takes a few attempts to get it just right, so don’t be discouraged. If it ain’t your first rodeo at making caramel corn then you should be just fine. The recipe came to me when I was thinking of this new series of

Boxcar Chicken Salad

This is another favorite of mine. It was also a staple during my impoverished days because of how cheap and quick you can make it. Another perk? This baby is versatile. I made the one above with chipotle mayo, but don’t stop there. You can use regular old mayo and season it anyway you like. Another

Cabbage Steaks!

Are you ready for lots and lots of cabbage? But seriously, cabbage is probably my favorite vegetable. And these ‘steaks’ are great. They meet all the standards of Boxcar cooking: Cheap, simple, fast.  I like to make mine with a simple garlic puree to coat them. They cook quick. And taste better than you could imagine. As

Summer Dish: Empanadas & Chipotle Cream Cheese sauce

Now that the brief 8 weeks of Wisconsin summer are upon us, I thought it would be a good time to start rolling out some of my favorite summer dishes.  I love this recipe. It’s light (assuming you don’t eat all the empanadas at once). It goes great with Tequila. And they are cheap and easy